NEWS: Giles Terera’s Song Cycle Black Matter Now Streaming on Broadway HD

Following a successful streaming run earlier this year, Giles’s Terera’s song cycle is now available to watch through Broadway HD.

Written and performed by Terera, Black Matter was created during lockdown in the Summer 2020 as he watched London life in its new and quiet form. Each of the songs that make up the song cycle is a story of what he saw and felt was happening around him during this period of time.

Formed of 12 songs, Black Matter was recorded at London’s Crazy Coqs venue and sees Giles Terera alone on the stage, accompanying his own singing on either piano or guitar.

Talking about the show he said: “I live in Soho, London. I was there throughout last summer. I saw Soho shift
from deserted tranquillity, where the only sounds were birds and church bells to the noise and heat of demands for social justice and civil unrest. I saw couples and families sneaking bike rides and I saw violence – protests and peacemakers, homelessness and empty properties. People helping each other and people hurting each other. I saw confusion and hope and strength. I found myself taking my guitar and writing about what I was seeing and feeling and thinking. I ended up writing a collection of songs and my aim was to respond immediately to what I was
experiencing. I wanted to answer the question: how do we communicate in this atmosphere? How do we find love and balance and strength?.”

Black Matter is produced by Thomas Hopkins and Michael Quinn for Ginger Quiff Media and Timebomb Pictures. Commenting on the project they said: “We are so excited to be able to share this important piece of theatrical
creativity on such an extensive platform. This is a great opportunity for Giles’ thought-provoking
and inspiring work to be shared with the world.”

The song cycle was filmed, edited and directed by Dan Poole.

You can watch Black Matter via Broadway HD now.

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