PREVIEW: The Gunpowder Plot Experience, Tower Hill Vaults

This new immersive experience will be heading to London from May 2022.

For 88 dates only, between the 6th May to the 4th September 2022, people will be able to journey back in time and experience London as it was in 1605.

This new experience combines live theatre and the latest digital technology to transport visitors to the heart of a story in which they are the protagonist. Thrown into the world that he plotters inhabited all immersed in an fully 360 environment. Those attending will experience the deception first hand but when you are surrounded by ‘traitors’, who will you trust?

The Gunpowder Plot experience is set to last around 1hour 40mins, including a 20 minute interval where visitors will be able to enjoy refreshments in the specially recreated Duck and Drake, accessible only to plotters.While the experience is something the whole family can enjoy, the age recommendation is 10+.

Taking place n a purpose-designed immersive theatre space in the UNESCO World Heritage Tower Vaults, right alongside The Tower of London, which was last accessible to the public two decades ago.

Set over three separate levels, visitors will step back into history to experience the conspiracy first hand. The story will start and end at The Tower but it is a journey through the streets of 1605 London.

To find out more and to book tickets visit:

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