Interview With…Dina Martina

We chatted to Dina about bringing her Christmas show to the Soho Theatre.

Hi Dina, how excited are you about bringing your show to London? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! I’ve performed at Soho Theatre for years, but this is the first time I’ve been able to bring my Christmas show. Because of the pandemic, all of my regular venues have closed. So see, there really is a silver lining to this whole thing.

For those who haven’t seen your show before what can they expect? You know, a little of this, a little of that. Something borrowed, something blue, ’round the corner fudge is made. They can expect to see the wonder of magic in a child’s eye.

What do you love about London and performing here? Oh my gosh, what don’t I love? I love the Queen and the King and all the fair maidens and the brave knights who keep us safe at night from stuff. I love the Gherkin and the merkin, and I also think the pyramids are neat.

Are you all ready for Christmas? Yes, I’ve taken out three restraining orders and ordered fifteen kinds of cheese. It’s very exciting.

What are you looking forward to about returning to the Soho Theatre? Well obviously the pedigree, the history is amazing. I mean, literally everyone has graced the Soho stage at some point. From Fatty Arbuckle opening for the Pointer Sisters to Shakespeare in Oh! Calcutta! Also, the toilets are so elegantly appointed, it’s a real
pleasure to just crack open a chardonnay and unwind in the toilets of Soho Theatre after a
busy day of hanging out at Marble Arch.

By Emma Clarendon

The Dina Martina Christmas Show will be performed at the Soho Theatre from the 14th to the 30th December.

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