REVIEW: Songs From Home by Ronan Keating

The singer is inspired by songs from his home on this poetic and carefully curated new album.

This new album from the Boyzone singer has a very different vibe to it in comparison to his other albums, with ‘Songs From Home’ feeling very much more nostalgic and thoughtful.

Diverting away from the catchy pop songs that he is known for, this latest album feels very much like a tribute to Ireland, in particular through songs such as ‘Raglan Road’ ( based on Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh’s 1946 poem ‘On Raglan Road’) and ‘The Voyage’ that have a lovely lyricism and poetic quality to them that brings real heart and emotion.

Blending original and cover songs, it is certainly an album that feels as though it is the singer’s most personal to date – even if some of his fans might struggle to adapt to the change in direction that he has chosen to take, I actually am surprised that he hasn’t released an album of this kind sooner. It feels as though it is a natural progression to his music which has constantly matured over the years.

His performances of ‘Summer in Dublin’ and ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ for example really showcase his vocals in a whole new way that make this a pleasing and heartfelt album to listen to. But it also feels like a celebration of the musical talent that exists in Ireland and that can sometimes be overlooked.

Each song has clearly been carefully selected to make an impact and there is plenty of storytelling capability to be found through songs such as the beautiful collaboration between Keating and Mary Black on ‘No Frontiers’ and ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ prove. The whole album has reflective quality about it that some might become slightly impatient by – but its simple and straight forward quality is actually what makes it a strong album. Real highlights include’Guiding Light’ which has romantic quality and ‘Into the Mystic’ which really soars and adds something special to the album.

Overall, ‘Songs from Home’ leaves you longing for your own home – which seems particularly poignant given the last couple of years and is a genuinely well thought out and put together album.

By Emma Clarendon

Songs From Home is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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