Review Round Up: Nutcracker!, Sadler’s Wells

We round up the reviews for Matthew Bourne’s take on the classic ballet.

iNews: **** “It’s not the best Bourne ballet – the choreography is a little uninteresting – but it’s a funny take on a Christmas classic, a bit like one of those Heston Blumenthal festive recipes that involve sticking exploding candy into a turkey or sinking an oversized marshmallow into mulled fish stock. Brilliant and beautifully bonkers.”

Evening Standard: ***** “At its fondant centre, Bourne’s Nutcracker is a fable about growing up, following your heart as well as your greedy eyes. With a live orchestra to relish every frosting swoop of Tchaikovsky’s score and a faultless cast of hundreds and thousands (well, 20, if you’re picky), it’s pure sugar rush. Who says we don’t deserve nice things?”

The Observer: “It’s all beautifully danced, full of glorious invention, mining Tchaikovsky’s music (here played live) with an understanding of its expansiveness, but also a feeling for the melancholy longing that runs under its great melodies. It’s one of Bourne’s best. Blissful.”

The Guardian: **** “Bourne’s choreographic style is a pick’n’mix: a bit of ballet, a bit of folky footwork, mime, quirky social dances and exaggerated shapes of his own making, with all sorts of witty references.”

The Upcoming: ***** “This version of The Nutcracker is brighter, bolder and more emotional than the usual, but it is unmistakably the classic story. It is more grown-up, but still makes the viewer feel like a kid. We need escapism more than ever this year, so if it is safe to do so, book a ticket to SweetieLand and get your Christmas fix.”

The Reviews Hub:***** “It’s a show where nobody puts a foot wrong, where every performer dances with dazzling eye-popping energy and finesse. Not once is there a humbug moment – except for the appearance of the Humbug Club Bouncer of course!”

The Arts Desk: *** “Amid the unstinted playing to a fun-starved (and noisily appreciative) audience, there’s hardly a moment to stop and shiver as Tchaikovsky casts a spell. Just the once, when Clara’s duet with the Nutcracker reminds us of Bourne’s real talent for innocent, folksy, hopeful pas de deux, love that doesn’t need a triple jab of glycerine. Five stars for packaging, two for contents.”

The Telegraph: ***** “The dance-theatre master’s acclaimed Christmas show is back after 10 years, and it’s better than ever.”

The Stage: **** “Matthew Bourne’s adaptation of The Nutcracker is a characteristically bold reimagination of the Christmas classic.”

Nutcracker! Continues to be performed at Sadler’s Wells until the 30th January 2022.

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