REVIEW: 2.0 by JLS

While there are some good songs on the group’s latest release, it does feel as though they could have pushed themselves a bit more musically.

With songs such as ‘Everybody in Love’ and ‘Beat Again’ under their belt, JLS are certainly a group that have done well for themselves in the past and it is great to have them back now. Their harmonies were always cool and sophisticated and that hasn’t changed for their latest album – their first since ‘Evolution’.

2.0 as an album feels very much as though JLS are just picking up where they left off- which is not necessarily a bad thing as it gives the fans themselves what they want – but it does leave you wondering if musically they are tempted to challenge themselves. Songs such as ‘Eternal Love’ and ‘Feel Your Love’ have distinct vibes of some of their earlier releases – just ever so slightly adjusted.

Despite this though, it is certainly an album that has plenty of songs that you will want to dance to including the vibrant and uplifting ‘DNA’ and the jazzy sounding ‘Audition’ – the energy levels that these songs delivers ensure that there is plenty to be enjoyed.

This is an album that fits in nicely with JLS’s previous albums and songs such as ‘Postcard’ and ‘Love Immortal’ both have a lovely rhythm to them that makes their music instantly recognisable. 2.0 really plays to JlS’s strengths and will certainly please fans. There is certainly variety in terms of the way in which the songs have been produced – lots of colour musically that keeps the listener engaged – but somehow on a couple of songs it can lack emotional impact that previous songs such as ‘Love You More’ had.

If you have followed and enjoyed JLS’s music in the past then you are guaranteed to enjoy 2.0 from start to finish. Particular highlights for me are ‘Eternal Love’ – which feels suitably romantic, ‘Tango’ with its slight latin flair and ‘Glow’ which shows off the group’s harmonies perfectly. This feels like and album filled nostalgic pop music – ideal listening if you are going out on a Saturday night.

By Emma Clarendon

2.0 is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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