The London production has truly settled into its home at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Emma Clarendon recently paid the production a second visit. Here’s her five reasons why you should go along and see it…

(c)Johan Persson

It is fun for the whole family: yes your children know all the words to the songs and can probably quote their favourite lines – but for grown ups too there is plenty to be enjoyed, not least the occasional cheekiness of some of the humour that will go over younger audience members heads! But just as importantly, Frozen does act as a reminder of the important things in life – love for your family, not letting fear getting in the way of living your life and the importance of friendship among other things. This time round with more kids in the audience, I could definitely see how the show brings families together and gives them all something to talk about for a long time afterwards.

(c) Johan Persson

It brings out the child in us all: like many Disney stories, Frozen can of course be very corny in places – but there is no denying that it also gives us adults a gleeful, childish joy from start to finish – thanks not only to the performances from all of the cast (who are all on point in bringing these beloved characters to life) – but also Christopher Oram’s beautiful set and costume designs that bring Arendelle to life -just look out for the ‘Let it Go’ sequence – that really dazzles or the cheeky ‘Hygge’ that combined with Rob Ashford’s choreography is one of my favourite moments in the show.

(c)Johan Persson

Samantha Barks and Stephanie McKeon: as mentioned earlier, all of the cast do such brilliant jobs of bringing all the characters to life. But a lot of how convincing and moving the story is really depends on those playing Elsa and Anna – by casting Samantha Barks and Stephanie McKeon the bond and chemistry between them is so endearing to watch and utterly convincing. In particular, during the early scenes in which Elsa pushes Anna away thinking to protect her is so wonderfully heartbreaking, making the finale seem even more uplifting than the film.

(c)Johan Persson

It is a sheer spectacle: yes of course being a Disney production, you expect the highest quality and standard in every aspect – but this musical feels as though every bit of care and attention has gone into ensuring that everything replicates the film – but while making sure it feels fresh for the stage. As a film, you could see its potential for theatricality – but actually seeing it in front of you and experiencing it is completely different everything emotionally is heightened.

The songs: ok so as well as the familiar songs from the film, there are actually a couple of lovely additions, written of course by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Songs such as ‘Dangerous to Dream’ brings out Elsa’s internal struggle and conflict of wanting to be close to her sister and a sense of isolation, while ‘ I Can’t Lose You’ is such an endearing duet between Elsa and Anna that is also heartbreaking as well.

By Emma Clarendon

Frozen the Musical  is currently booking at the  Theatre Royal Drury Lane until October 2022. You can book tickets for the production here.


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