REVIEW: Oochya!, Stereophonics

This latest album from the Stereophonics is filled with a pleasing range of styles and catchy hooks that keep the listener thoroughly engaged from start to finish.

It has been a while since I have listened to a new album and had so much difficulty in selecting a song that I enjoyed the most – and with the Stereophonics latest it is virtually impossible to do so with its versatility in style and tone that shows a band with plenty to say with their music.

From the blistering ‘Hanging on Your Hinges’ to the earnestness of ‘Your My Soul’ this is very much an album that has plenty to offer everyone – no matter what your mood is. Structurally, Oochya! is well put together, knowing exactly the right time to mix the styles up to offer another side to the band’s musical capabilities as well as showcasing the versatility of Kelly Jones’s vocals.

There are plenty of stylish rhythms to be found on songs such as ‘Right Place Right Time’ that has a lovely reflectively quality to it, while in contrast to this ‘Do Ya Feel My Love?’ shows the power and meaning of the songs the group has put together in an upfront way that is always enjoyable to listen to.

Throughout it all, plenty of the songs included on this album also have catchy hooks that have you singing along – even from the first time that you listen to them. This is particularly experienced on tracks such as ‘Running Round My Brain’ (which will certainly run around your brain long after it finishes) and ‘Leave the Light On’ – both of which have a lovely sincerity about them that is pleasing to the ear. But I also loved the quirky appeal of ‘Jack in a Box’ and despite being slightly sombre ‘Every Dog Has its Day’ has plenty of soul about it which grows on you as the song progresses.

As mentioned earlier, it is certainly difficult to pick any holes in this album because (from my perspective anyway) it delivers in every way that you expect and is an immensely enjoyable listen from start to finish. It is an album that is filled with highlights – you will quite possibly finding that your favourite track switches from listen to listen – which is certainly no bad thing.

This is an album I will be playing on repeat for at least the next couple of weeks. Well worth a listen.

By Emma Clarendon

Oochya! is available to buy now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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