Interview With…Marisha Wallace

We chatted to Marisha about headlining new UK talent show, Alpha Unsigned with the final taking place at The O2’s Indigo venue on the 30th March.

Hi Marisha, could you tell me more about Alpha Unsigned? Alpha Unsigned is an event that is designed to find unsigned artists and to give them a chance to win a £100,000 record deal, which is absolutely incredible! I’m performing on the 30th March at the Final of the competition at the Indigo O2 when the ten finalists will compete for the prize. There’s already been three heats and the competition is heating up so I’m so excited to be part of the Final night!

How did you get involved with the show? I got involved because I worked with Alpha on Best of the West End at the Royal Albert Hall with them. After that, they called me to ask me to be a part of Alpha Unsigned because it’s a good fit – I know that its like to be an unsigned artist and to experience finding that record deal and that exposure.

How important would you say that talent shows such as this are? Talent shows like Alpha Unsigned are so important because not everyone had the means or the
opportunity to be seen or recognised by the people who have the final say in this industry. If you are not from the ‘right’ background or don’t have the connections, an opportunity like this could change someone’s life. It’s important to let new people into this space because music and the arts have to keep evolving and we need new voices to make that work.

What can those coming along on the 30th March expect? They can expect an amazing show with amazing singing and great production value. I’m actually
really excited to see the acts perform because everyone gets a chance to put the show on they want to put on. They each do one original song and one cover so it will be nice to hear a brand new song! It’s going to be a good night of discovery and a fun night out.

This is all about discovering new talent. How do you normally find new artists/music to listen to? I love when Spotify suggest someone you hadn’t heard of. I love to have a search and see what’snew and explore different genres and types of music. Sometimes there’s someone who only has one well-known song, but a better look at their discography shows there so much more to discover.Also, Instagram and Tik Tok – there’s so many amazing singers on Tik Tok. I’ve discovered a lot of them because I have my own show called Sing with Marisha and I would invite people at random to come and sing on my Instagram live – I gave my platform to them to let them sing. Some of them even booked jobs from it, it feels like a really great way to connect and discover new talent.

How do you feel about being part of the line up? I feel very honoured to be headlining, I have actually never performed at the Indigo O2 before so its
a very special night for me as well!

By Emma Clarendon

The final of Alpha Unsigned will take place at The O2’s Indigo venue on the 30th March. To buy tickets visit:

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