This latest album from the singer buzzes with energy and intent – with a hint of nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

Early in the 2000’s it would be fair to say that many teenage girls like myself at the time were singing their hearts out to songs such as ‘Complicated’ and ‘Sk8er Boi’ – songs that are filled with such energy, power and emotion that really helped to define Lavigne’s career in the pop-punk genre. While she has since gone onto experiment with other genres, it is pop punk where she has had most success – as this new album proves.

With the blistering ‘Bite Me’ and ‘Cannon Ball’, the energy levels to be found on this album are incredible. As always Lavigne’s vocals are strong and confident – never holding back in the emotion and impact of the songs, making the listener realise just how incredible it would be to hear her performing these songs live. These songs in particular have a fast and furious pace about them to the point that yes it can become slightly overwhelming and difficult to keep up with – but what a ride it is.

The entire album is consistent in terms of the attitude it presents – just listen to the lyrics on ‘F.U’ for example, but she is also able to switch it around and fill a song with plenty of angst as well as heard on songs such as ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Dare to Love Me’ – which for me are two personal highlights from this well put together album that whizzes through its roughly 40 minute playing time with ease. For those listening to it – there is virtually no time to breathe or to think about what you have just heard before the next song kicks in. This might make it sound as though the album is exhausting to listen to and it is to an extent, but this doesn’t diminish the impressiveness of the songwriting that is on display here – there is a hint of nostalgia based on her well-known songs but packaged to cater for those in 2022.

There are plenty of songs that are catchy on this album, but in particular I really loved the title track ‘Love Sux’ that is a nice reminder of why we were all singing along to Avril Lavigne’s music in the early 2000’s – she hasn’t lost her touch.

Immensely enjoyable from start to finish, Love Sux ensures that a new generation of pop punk fans have something to sing about, while existing fans can take pleasure in enjoying all this new material – which would be impressive to see being performed live.

By Emma Clarendon

Love Sux is available to buy now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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