Emma Clarendon chatted to Simon about playing the role of JD in the hit production Heathers The Musical at The Other Palace Theatre.

How does it feel to be part of the London production of Heathers? I’m absolutely loving it. After touring Heathers last year it feels fantastic to be performing at The Other Palace – the theatre the show was born in! Being in Heathers is like being part of a family & it’s great to be back. 

Could you tell me more about your character JD?  He is a loner – he moves schools so often he never has time to build relationships or make friends. JD is often labelled the bad guy in Heathers, really he’s a product of his tempestuous home life. He’s an extreme example of what can happen to a young man who doesn’t get the help he desperately needs.

What was it that made you want to be part of the musical initially? I saw Heathers when it first opened at The Other Palace & loved it. The prospect of playing JD really excited me – it’s an actor’s dream to play a role with such a gift of a character arc. 

What do you think it is about Heathers that appeals to so many people? It inspires people to be themselves, and unapologetically love who they are. And whether it’s in one character, or streaks of multiple characters, they see themselves on stage, and they relate to it. It also tackles tough to deal with, very current issues. The show was so ahead of it’s time it’s more relevant today than it was when it was written. 

What have you enjoyed the most about being part of this production? The people. Heathers has a tendency to assemble teams of people who are not only great at their jobs, but also good humans. 

If people haven’t seen the show – why should they? It deals with extremely difficult, dark issues whilst somehow keeping the show upbeat, fast and funny. You wont stop laughing from the moment you sit down to the moment you stand up. And you will leave feeling uplifted. Fair warning – you will not stop singing the songs, the music is absolutely fantastic.

By Emma Clarendon

Heathers the Musical continues to play at The Other Palace. To book tickets click here.


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