Interview With…Jennifer Daley

We chatted to Jennifer about starring in the premiere of Katie Redford’s Tapped, now playing at Theatre503.

How does it feel to be part of Tapped? It’s been a really exciting experience so far. As a company, we are constantly discovering new
things in the script, which is especially fun as an actor. The intimate space at the Theatre 503 is the perfect setting for the play, too.

What was it about Katie Redford’s play that made you want to be part of the production? When I first read the play, I was immediately struck by how relatable all three characters are.
They are all at different stages in their lives and have differing outlooks – but are striving to better themselves in a way that i think most people can identify with. The play is simultaneously hilarious and moving – like life, really!

How does it feel to be bringing the play to Theatre503? The 503 has such a long & successful history of championing new writers – and I think we’re
all really excited to bring Katie’s script to the stage.

Could you tell us more about your character Dawn? Dawn is an aspirational person – a mother and wife who feels stuck in her life and has big
dreams. She has a fractious relationship with her daughter Jen, due in part to Dawn’s ongoing challenges with mental health. She’s a fun and complex character who is – above all just trying to do her best.

What can audiences expect from Tapped? Tapped is a really lovely, funny, tender play about family, friendship and hope. Set in Nottingham, It centres around three people who are all facing their personal challenges, including family dysfunction, mental health, grief and loss. It’s also a little bit spooky!

By Emma Clarendon

Tapped continues to play at Theatre503 until the 23rd April.

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