NEWS: Environmental Documentary Once You Know to be Released in Celebration of Earth Day

This new documentary is set be released on the 22nd April.

Under The Milky Way/Pulp Films have announced that the feature documentary Once You Know will be released in the UK on 22 April in celebration of Earth Day and available to watch on platforms including iTunes, Google, Microsoft and Prime Video.

Faced with the reality of climate change and resource depletion, director Emmanuel Cappellin explores the inevitable collapse of the industrial society and asks how the human race can carry on living when faced with their own extinction. In search of answers, he meets a number of key experts and leading scientists in their field, and finds their universal response is a call to action for us all.

Once You Know is an odyssey that reaches deep within, seeking for us to transform our view of both ourselves and the world in order to contribute to a brighter future.

This environmental documentary has been written and directed by Emmanuel Cappellin (Thoughts and Reflections) in collaboration with editor Anne-Marie Sangla (I, Van Gogh, Human). The film highlights the thoughts and work of experts and scientists highly regarded in their fields, including: Richard Heinberg, writer and founder of the Post Carbon Institute; Saleemul Huq, expert on adaptation, and a negotiation advisor to the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change); Sussanne Moser, expert on rising sea levels, and specialist in resilience and climate communication within the IPCC; Jean-Marc Jancovici, engineering consultant, energy and climate expert, co-founder of the Carbone 4 consultancy firm, as well as founding president The Shift Project; and Pablo Servigne, agricultural engineer, author and lecturer.

The film received its UK premiere at the Raindance Film Festival and has presented across 50 international festivals, winning a total of nine prizes including the Earth’s Choice Award at the Earth Day Film Festival, the Jury Prize at the Hong Kong International Festival and the Grand Prize and honorary mentions at AFO and ČZU film festivals.

It was also announced that in celebration of the film’s release and Earth Day, an onlinediscussion with the director and experts involved in the film will take place on 22 April. The discussion will aim to help the public understand the major issues raised by climate change and find resources to tackle them at a practical level. Tickets for the event are available now and can be purchased by clicking here.

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