We chatted to the Broadway stars about bringing their florist venture to London to help celebrate the return of My Fair Lady to the West End.

Hi to you both! How does it feel to be bringing boo.kay to London?

Robbie: It’s a dream I never thought possible. I fell in love with and learned to arrange flowers in London, so this is a coming home for me. It fills my heart with joy to be connected to this amazing city again. And in the London Coliseum no less!!!!!

Adam: Exhilarating! London is such a beautiful City with lovely people. It’s such a gift to share our love of flowers with the city.

For those who don’t know, how did the company come about?

Robbie: boo•kay came was birthed in the heat of the global pandemic. A fan, who also happens to be a floral distributor out of Holland, reached out to me on Instagram and wanted to send me peonies and roses to say thank you for inspiring her daughter to dance. When they arrived I made them into arrangements for the healthcare workers at the local hospital and I realised then how similar arranging flowers were to performing. You go into a studio and create something and bring it to the audience or recipient. I knew this was what I needed to get through the pandemic. I reached out to Adam Perry to join me on this adventure and it’s been an amazing journey.

What do you love about flower arranging?

Robbie: I love the feeling of dancing with Mother Nature. Making the flowers dance in the arrangements.
Adam: I am in constant awe of mother nature. I find it wild and wondrous. To bring different elements of nature together in a dance is magical.

Have you any favourite flowers that you like to use?

Robbie: Each season brings on another absolutely gorgeous set of flowers at the market. Peonies areexquisite, garden roses are heaven, and dancing alliums look like they’re from Dr Seuss.

Adam: I love dahlias, sweet peas, tulips to name a few.

Could you tell me more about Friday Flowers?
Robbie: It was an opportunity to gather people together amongst flowers outside during the pandemic and give performers an opportunity to do their thing. It was such a special moment for all
of us.
Adam: Friday Flowers is a marriage of Broadway/West End calibre talent and flowers. You can come hear and see performers and buy a beautiful handtie.

How has it been to see boo.kay develop?
Robbie: I always wanted to have a flower shop someday. This has exceeded my wildest dreams. And working with my buddy Adam Perry has brought me so much joy!

Adam: It’s been so exciting to see the company grow. We are so grateful to all who have supported us as we pivoted.

Have you any other plans while you are in London?

Robbie: I have a lot of friends there from projects I’ve worked on in the past. I can’t wait to
Adam: Just sightseeing and getting to know the people of the UK.

Do you have any other comments you would like to add?
Robbie: Giving opportunities to actors in between work to stay creative gives me so much joy. I’m excited to see the interest from the West End community and make some amazing memories with them.

By Emma Clarendon

You can see and purchase from boo.kay which coincides with the London run of My Fair Lady at the London Coliseum from the 7th May until the 27th August.