We take a look at what is being said about the musical, featuring the music of The Gypsy Kings.

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WhatsOnStage: *** “What director Christian Durham does execute brilliantly are the moments of intrigue and theatricality at which Zorro appears, with Purkiss leaping across the stage and scaling ladders with catlike agility. The ensuing action sequences, however, call for far more instrumental accompaniment to provide a heightened sense of drama, and too often these quiet swordfights come to cumbersomely anticlimactic conclusions.”

London Theatre1: *** “The fight scenes are impressive enough to be momentarily concerned for the actors’ safety. It is, at least, different – there are very few shows out there with a consistently distinct Spanish sound from start to finish. “

All That Dazzles: **** “While the tone in the second act was slightly uneven, culminating in an all too sudden and far too hammy ending, overall I was blown away by this production. The staging, the dancing and that incredible cast ensured I was gripped the whole time. Full of thrills and passion, Zorro may be a fairly unique theatre experience but it’s an utterly fabulous one.”

There Ought to be Clowns: “It’s a musical that certainly has its moments. ‘Bamboléo’ is one of those earworms that has sunk into the national consciousness and it is an epic number here which Cressida Carré’s choreography enhances wonderfully. And there’s a good deal of corny comedy which Marc Pickering’s Sergeant Garcia and Phoebe Panaretos’ Inez nail.”

iNews: ** “Benjamin Purkiss brings charm and a sweet singing voice to Diego, Marc Pickering is endearing as the bumbling Sergeant Garcia, and Ajjaz Awad is a standout among the energetic actor-musician ensemble. But Durham’s minimalist staging does this daft show no favours.”

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The Guardian: *** “The whiff of hamminess is never absent from the Zorro films and here both script and performances are endearingly alive to a sense of the ridiculous; Marc Pickering’s Sergeant Garcia is a particularly joyous comic confection.” 

Evening Standard: * “Phoebe Panaretos saunters effectively through the action, flashing eyes and thighs as Roma temptress Inez. She delivers the Gipsy King earworms with aplomb and has some funny scenes with Marc Pickering’s comically spineless Sergeant Garcia. These moments aren’t great in themselves. They’re overacted and overblown.”

The Stage: **** “Exuberant revival of the action-adventure musical.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “Transporting you into a world with this fabulous flamenco flair, it’s unlike anything else on the West End scene at the moment. This essence of originality breathes life back into the heart of theatre.”

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Broadway World: ***** “This show really does span the full range of human emotion and will leave you wrung out and full of joy all at once. There is so much energy and passion on display from this talented company that it’s impossible not to get swept up in the story and leave the theatre smiling.”

Rewrite This Story: **** “Creative elements work in harmony to create a production which is immersive and evocative. The traverse staging, admittedly typical of productions at this venue, works to enclose the Pueblo and create a homely, intimate feel. Set and Costume Designer Rosa Maggiora does a tremendous job of world building.”

Theatre Weekly: “The stage is often fairly crowded as it’s a big cast, but Rosa Maggiora’s bright, colourful and authentic looking costumes further emphasise the feeling that this is something special.  At times this looks and feels like a West End show, but is able to immerse the audience in the sights, sounds and passion of Spanish culture in the way a bigger stage couldn’t.”

North West End: *** “‘Zorro’ is like nothing else currently playing in London, and is worth seeing for its action sequences, ensemble dance routines and some standout lead performances.”

Zorro the Musical continues to play at the Charing Cross Theatre until the 28th May.


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