Love London Love Culture’s Picks of Unique Experiences: May 2022

Looking to do something a little bit different in London? Here’s a few things you might want to book for…

The Gunpowder Plot, Tower Hill Vaults: looking to immerse yourself in history for the evening? Well this experience might be just for you! With a cast of over fifty, get lost in a world of scheming and plotting as the story of the gunpowder plot emerges around you and you get to know the fellow plotters. For a limited time only, this experience combines live theatre with the latest digital technology to transport visitors to the heart of a story in which they are the protagonist.The experience lasts 1hour and 40 minutes, including an interval where you can enjoy refreshments in the specially recreated Duck and Drake. It is suitable for those aged 10 and above.

Mexican Geniuses: A Frida & Diego Immersive Experience: love the art of Mexican artists Frida and Diego? Then you will not want to miss this experience based at the Retail Park, Unit 1 Canada Water, Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 2XU. Explore over 300 Frida & Diego projections, ranging from miniature to monumental to get a real insight into their work, while listening to explanations and details on the life of these two iconic artists, and learn about the influence they had on each other.

AIM Escape’s Spy Heroes: if you are looking to have some fun with all the family, then why not take part in this activity in which you and the family must solve all the puzzles and clues in the room and deploy the huge array of gadgets to save your super-spy pal who has gone off grid.

Bond for the Day: Immersive Tour and Dining Experience: have someone in your life who would love to be James Bond? Well, this experience is ideal for a special occasion (it is a little bit pricey), during which includes: a PPE kit for each guest with your own drawstring souvenir bag Brunch at the Civil Service Club, visit to “Q” / shooting range activity using 300 rounds with the preferred weapons of Bond , a transported, guided tour of Mayfair visiting locations relating to the life of Ian Flemming & espionage ‘secret corners’ , guided tour of the Floris Museum and its signature collection and end with your own version of Bond’s favourite cocktail: the Vesper (alcoholic or mocktail) at The Taj St James’ Court.

Pay a visit to the Wizard Exploratorium: if you are in need of some magic in your life, then take a trip to the Wizard Exploratorium which offers you the chance to design & build your very own magical working wand in their Wand Makers Workshops, which take place in the Wand Makers Attic. Meanwhile, set to open at a later date will be the Exploratorium, an interactive, exploratory space in which you can use your built or bought magical wand to interact with exhibits to bring magic to life. But in the meantime, they will run pop-up & seasonal events such as pumpkin carving, gingerbread house decorating, DIY hot chocolate workshops & Wizard Afternoon Tea.  What is not to love? Find out more here.

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