With Lerner & Loewe’s classic musical now back in the West End for a limited run at the London Coliseum, Emma Clarendon selects her favourite five songs from the musical…

With A Little Bit of Luck: it has to be said that the character Alfred P Doolittle really gets two of the ultimate songs in the show but while ‘Get Me to the Church on Time’ is enjoyable in a boisterous way, ‘With a Little Bit of Luck’ for me shows off the character’s charming and roguish attitude to perfection. Whoever gets to play him really gets the opportunity to let the personality shine through and still make it their own – the lyrics are smartly written and the music is suitably catchy – just a joy to listen to!

Wouldn’t It Be Loverly: I love the wistful, dreamy and hopeful qualities of this song that allows Eliza to express the simple dreams she has in life in a really touching way. Given the character’s hysterics in the build up to this song, it is also a lovely way to show the character’s vulnerability and sensitivity in a different way that makes the audience really warm to her. It is a classy and elegantly written song that you can’t help but hum along to when you listen to it. As someone who listens to it, you are definitely left with a feeling of more hope and positivity that life can change.

Without You: this is the real transformation moment in the show and you can’t help but cheer to see how far Eliza has come by this point. So wonderfully expressed, it is a powerful and charismatic song that allows Eliza to really take control of her life and destiny that makes anyone feel inspired. Once again the lyrics are sharp and to the point – really making an impact and reinforcing the message ‘I don’t need you ‘ in a charming but firm way. We have all got someone that we could sing this to!

A Hymn to Him: while Professor Henry Higgins’s ego and self importance as displayed here should infuriate – the song has once again been written in a way that can’t fail to draw the listener in and allows plenty of character to shine through – adding a touch of humour and taking any sting out from the way in which Higgins feels towards women. It is a surprisingly lively little number and keeps the listener thoroughly engaged.

Show Me: last but by no means least – this is another song that gives Eliza a chance to show how strong of a personality she has become. This song for me is unusual as it has a hint of romance about it but from the perspective of a woman who is frustrated at men’s inability to act instead of simply talk. There is a lovely sense of drama behind it musically, while the lyrics have a gorgeous rhythm to them that doesn’t fail to charm.

My Fair Lady will run at the London Coliseum until the 27th August. To book tickets click here or visit: From the Box OfficeLast Minute.comLondon Theatre DirectTheatre Tickets Direct or Love Theatre.com.


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