We chatted to Indigo about starring in Shakespeare in the Squares production of The Tempest.

Hi Indigo, how do you feel about being part of Shakespeare in the Squares production of The Tempest? Hello! It’s a thrill to be involved in this production after being away from theatre over the past couple of years. The thought of being outdoors with an audience and making a connection with them is so exciting. 

What can audiences expect from this production? Music, fun, love, laughter and magic!

How does it feel to be working with Shakespeare in the Squares again? I’m very grateful to be able to come back and work with this lovely company again. They’re a fantastic bunch of people who make Shakespeare fun and accessible to all.

What was it that made you want to be part of The Tempest? I couldn’t wait to dig into the text, to examine and play with Shakespeare’s words. I also wasn’t particularly familiar with The Tempest, having never studied it at school or anything like that, so the idea of discovering a new world and characters was appealing to me.

How have you found working on this production so far? Honestly, it’s just been lovely to be in a room with people! The cast and creative team are a delight to work with. Our production has a lot of music and comedy and I hope that audiences will enjoy it as much as we’ve been enjoying rehearsing it!

What do you love the most about the concept behind Shakespeare in the Squares? Shakespeare in the Squares are brilliant at finding the joy in Shakespeare and sharing that with an audience. Actually, sharing is key to their ethos. There is a real spirit of generosity amongst the whole company but also with audiences. Every moment, song, intention is ultimately for them – we want our audience to be with us every step of this magical journey!

By Emma Clarendon

Shakespeare in the Squares’s production of The Tempest will play from the 15th June until the 8th July. To find out more visit: https://shakespeareinthesquares.co.uk/events/the-tempest/


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