Find out what critics have had to say about Elliot Clay’s new song cycle, performing at The Other Palace until the 7th August.

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WhatsOnStage: *** “Overwhelmingly, the show fails to capture the millennial zeitgeist – most millennials don’t care about avocados as much as boomers say they do. The set, hair costumes and make up are the main elements in the show that feel millennial – white eyeliner, shaggy hair and pop-colour eyeshadow all sit on a diverse cast which includes Tik Tok comedy star and WhatsOnStage Award-winner Rob Madge looking gorgeous in non-binary finery. Were it not for the textured pink and yellow lighting and the garish and sumptuous set design – which is so camp that it could not help but be millennial – the show could be set in any time period. There needs to be more specificity in the lyrics to ground the song cycle in a shared generational experience.”

Broadway World: **** “There is no weak link in this cast of six, with each performer bringing a truly individual voice and style to the production. The result is an unexpected but well-blended ensemble, showcasing the diverse range of performers finding success in musical theatre today.”

The Times: *** “As a Gen X-er, I wasn’t sure I’d be the target market for this new musical paean to the cohort that came after mine. Turns out I needn’t have worried (although, much like a millennial, I do). Life being as it nowadays is, there’s nothing about Elliot Clay’s song cycle that won’t strike a chord regardless of age, and older millennials are anyway hitting their forties.”

The Stage: *** “Stylish and chirpy, if surface-skimming musical exploring millennial preoccupations”

The Reviews Hub: *** 1/2 “If this show were any longer, it would be a complete dud. But at just under an hour, there isn’t really enough time to get bored or agitated, and somehow the combination of bubble machines, yards and yards of pink tinsel and six unbreakable spirits transforms this show into a pretty entertaining evening.”

Fairy Powered Productions: *** “Ultimately, enjoyable though it is, Millennials feels like less than the sum of it’s parts. Having said that, I can’t wait to see Elliot Clay bring his prodigious songwriting skills to a fully realised book musical, and I would strongly recommend taking the opportunity to see these six unique performers in such an intimate setting. This show will make a lot of people very happy. Oh and we NEED a cast recording please.”

Millennials continues to play at The Other Palace until the 7th August.


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