This new comedy starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney is set to be released in UK cinemas on the 16th September.

It has to be said that I do love a good romantic comedy – but it does feel as those have been in short supply in recent years. For while some might find that the predictability of it can be a little bit jarring, I love the fact that majority of the time it ends up with the same happy ending – it is comforting and well I do like to believe in happy endings.

Which is why I’m personally thrilled about Ticket to Paradise, set to be released in UK cinemas this Autumn and featuring two of my favourite actors as well. Reuniting Julia Roberts and George Clooney (who as we all remember starred together in Ocean’s 11), Ticket to Paradise sees the pair as argumentative divorcees who are flying out to Bali to try and prevent their daughter from marrying her boyfriend – and making the same mistake that they seem to have felt they made. But of course it won’t go according to plan!

Judging by this first trailer, I’m already loving the sparring between Roberts and Clooney that makes their chemistry feel natural – both have a charisma about them that always makes them enjoyable to watch and I can’t imagine Ticket to Paradise will be any different. It feels as though this film will be breath of fresh air and just pure entertainment rather than something to be taken too seriously (please bear that in mind any critics who will go on to review this!).

Written and directed by Oi Parker (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) along with Daniel Pipski, it feels as though Ticket to Paradise will stick to the traditional formula of a romantic comedy of two people learning to fall in love again (although of course the outcome of the film is yet to be seen) in an unexpected way. From the bits and pieces of dialogue, there seems to be plenty of silliness as well as a typical bite to some of the retorts that the characters Roberts and Clooney are set to play making for a nice balance humour wise – I just hope that there is a focus on charm rather than crudeness which has crept its way into comedy films that isn’t to my personal taste.

Romantic comedies have been snubbed by critics even though they do have their own value and hopefully with the star power in the cast this will be a film to help revive the romantic comedy genre.

By Emma Clarendon

Ticket to Paradise will be released later this year.


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