Both albums are set to be re-released in vinyl on the 7th October.

It has been confirmed that Tom Waits will be re-releasing a limited edition vinyl of his albums Alice and Blood Money to commemorate their 20th anniversary. The re-issues will be available in independent record stores and online. Pre-order these versions of Alice HERE and Blood Money HERE.

Meanwhile, in the lead up to the official release date, Waits is putting out previously unreleased live versions of songs from the records, starting with ‘All the World is Green’ from ’Blood Money’ and ‘Fish and Bird’ from ’Alice.’ ‘All the World is Green’ was recorded at a live show in Milan and features a dramatic faux flamenco guitar intro, while ‘Fish and Bird’ is taken from Waits’ celebrated return to the London stage in 2004 and is a stripped-down raw piano version of the ballad that featured a chamber orchestra arrangement in the studio recording.

The album Alice is loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, meanwhile Blood Money is based on the socio/political play ‘Woyzeck,’ originally written by a young German poet Georg Buchner as a spare, cinematic piece in 1837 and inspired by the true story of a German soldier who was driven mad by bizarre army medical experiments and infidelity, which led him to murder his lover. Waits and Brennan wrote songs for a vibrantly coloured and scalding, tragically romantic production of ‘Woyzeck’ for their third collaboration with Robert Wilson, which later became Blood Money.

Both albums were recorded during the same period with many of the same musicians, but with different engineers for recording, mixing and mastering.  Waits and Brennan envisioned these songs as lyrical concept albums that were inspired by the stories behind the future staged productions. The songs from Alice and Blood Money were conceived as song cycles, each in their own sonic worlds, and written to be sung and performed by Waits.  

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