REVIEW: Renaissance by Beyonce

The singer’s seventh album is filled with danceable songs but it feels overly long.

It is hard to believe that it has been six years since Beyonce released her last album Lemonade – but she is certainly back, oozing with plenty of confidence and style on this extensive new album Renaissance.

Jam packed with plenty of songs that are certain to get people onto the dance floor, it does have to be said as ‘I’m That Girl’ kicks in I did slightly worry that it was going to be a slightly messy affair – the range of styles and sounds that merge felt slightly jarring to begin with. However, once it settles down this is an album that reveals how Beyonce has evolved as a singer.

Throughout Renaissance, there is signs of plenty of attitude as evidenced on numbers such as ‘Alien Superstar’ which comes across as one of the most confident and enjoyable songs on the album, proving the sky is the limit when it comes to the type of music that the singer chooses to release. This is equally matched by the immensely enjoyable ‘Summer Renaissance’ which really ties up the album nicely – very smooth and highlights the range of her voice superbly.

Perhaps it could be argued that less is more – and with 16 tracks to listen to, it can feel slightly overwhelming to really appreciate and there are moments in which songs have a similarity to them that make it feel slightly repetitive. However, this does not mean that the level of ambition applied to Renaissance should not be admired – as it really plays up to Beyonce’s strengths – as evidenced on songs such as the soulful sounding ‘Plastic Off the Sofa’ which allows her vocals to really soar, the self assured sounding ‘Church Girl’ and ‘Virgo’s Groove’ which has a lovely vibe to it.

The other thing to be noted about this album is the sheer energy that is consistent throughout, sweeping the listener effectively from one song to the next – making it feel like a real album of discovery. It never feels the needs to pause or give the listener a chance to be distracted from the diversity of sounds that are woven deeply into this confident sounding album.

If Renaissance proves anything, it is that Beyonce has still plenty to offer the music industry – no matter the length of time that passes between albums. She is on top form here and I can only imagine what these songs will sound like when performed live.

By Emma Clarendon

Renaissance is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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