REVIEW: Queenz: The Show With Balls, Clapham Grand

Filled with sparkle, incredible vocals and plenty of cheeky humour – this is quite a spectacular show.

Five fabulously feisty diva drag queens provided London’s best party on Friday night at the Clapham Grand as they performed some of the biggest pop anthems including songs by the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Beyonce among others. The energy levels and party vibe of the show were constantly high and it was genuinely hard not to get swept away by it all.

Formed of Billie Eyelash aka Luke Hall, Zeze Van Cartier aka Lew Ray, Bella Du Ball aka Ben Sell, Dior Monte aka Jaymi Hensley and Candy Caned aka Josh Hanson, all of the performances are dynamic and ensure that the audience feel as much as part of the show as they are – helped by the fabulous pace of the show that ensures that the audience get excited by whats happening on stage. Each performer delivers energy, sharp (and delightfully naughty in places) wit and incredible vocals that threatened to blow the roof off the Clapham Grand on more than one occasion.

While on occasion I did feel as though there was some slight sound issues – this is a minor quibble in a show that continued delight audiences throughout which also had moments of sensitivity, captured perfectly in a moving rendition of ‘True Colours’ that showcased all of the performers wonderful vocals in perfect harmony. But there were plenty of moments of laughter as well – the medley of musical theatre hits was a particular delight (and I certainly will not hear certain songs in the same way ever again!).

Every aspect of this show has been really carefully thought out to really deliver a fun and fabulously sassy evening – including the sparkling choreography (I wish I could dance that well in heels!), Rikki Finlay’s distinctive and bold costume designs that reflect the differing personalities of the drag queens perfectly and Alex Turney’s arrangements of the number of iconic songs this show manages to include without letting the audience catch their breath.

This is a confident, immensely enjoyable show that will have you singing your heart out and wanting to get up on stage with these wonderful drag queens who definitely put their heart and soul into their performance. Looking for fun night out? Then this certainly comes with a high recommendation.

By Emma Clarendon

Queenz: The Show With Balls is currently touring the UK for more information visit:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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