We take a look at what critics have made of the new production from the Death Drop team…

Broadway World: **** “This was a thoroughly enjoyable horror caper which would not work if any part of it took itself too seriously. TUCKSHOP and Trafalgar Theatre Productions aimed to produce a show to highlight the talents of drag artists and that is what they have done. It is not perfect, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun if it was trying to be.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “The show is undoubtedly at it’s best when it leans into simple theatrical humour. There are several ‘walking on the spot’ moments with reference to a lack of set, and there’s nothing quite like a piece of set not hitting its mark in the spotlight. Corrina Buchan as Romeo’s Inner Voice plays an excellent role in this strand of affairs – their presence is missed in the rest of the show.”

All That Dazzles: **** “Death Drop: Back In The Habit truly breaks the mould by improving on its predecessor. Yes, the whole thing might be a bit basic but that really is part of its charm. While it centres itself in the horror universe, this is anything but a horror show. In fact, when it comes to fun, Death Drop Back In The Habit is second to nun. If the Death Drop universe is going to continue to improve as it grows, shantay it can stay.”

Attitude.co.uk: **** “Sashaying into the West End as part of its UK tour, Death Drop: Back in the Habit is a punny, nunny and very funny all-drag horror comedy that should come with health insurance in case pundits pass out from laughing.”

Lost in Theatreland.co.uk: **** “Death Drop Back In The Habit is riotously funny, absolute chaos and gloriously camp. Get ready to laugh, non-stop! This is one for the gays, gals and theys, and definitely not for the terfs and tories.”

The Stage: **** “Rob Evans strikes gold with his second drag thriller, featuring superb performances from RuPaul’s Drag Race favourites Willam and Cheryl Hole.”

London Theatre1: ***** “Jesse Jones’ direction makes full use of Peter McKintosh’s very atmospheric set which, when combined with Beth Duke’s sound design and Rory Keaton’s lighting, create the perfect setting for the unfolding and entrancing story. Favourite bits for me? Well, there were many, but telling you about them would enter the realm of spoiler territory, so I’ll just mention one and that is the scene in Romeo’s room when he is writing his journal. This is a brilliantly played out scene with LoUis CYfer and Corrina Buchan taking a good old theatrical cliché and elevating it to something really special.”

Death Drop: Back in the Habit continues to play at Garrick Theatre until the 20th November before continuing to tour the UK. Book your tickets for the London run here.


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