While it is suitably corny and sweet, there are moments in which this new Christmas film tries too hard to be likeable.

With so many Christmas films now been churned out on streaming platforms there is certainly plenty to choose from to help you feel cosy and warm – no matter how corny they are in terms of plot. This is very much the case for this new film starring Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet which has plenty of sentiment and occasional laughs – but sometimes the plot and characterisations feel a little bit over the top to make it feel utterly convincing.

Heiress Sierra on the surface seems to have it all – a brand new high class job, a boyfriend and plenty of money. However, on a skiing trip, she has an accident and ends up losing her memory and ends up at the smaller skiing resort owned by widower Jake who is struggling to make ends meet and look after his daughter.

Written by Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver, Falling for Christmas goes at quite a pace and is filled with a sense of screwball comedy aspects that are a little bit hit and miss particularly in the first 10 minutes or so. However, when the film does calm down and manages to focus a little bit more it becomes increasingly stronger emotionally – although some of the characterisations could have been better developed. In particular, while Sierra is spoilt initially (these moments are perfectly delivered by Lohan who has a great sense of natural comedy), there is a sense of vulnerability there as well that doesn’t feel as though it is explored far enough – which in turn would make her developing relationship with Jake just a bit more convincing.

Directed by Janeen Damian, there is no doubting that this both a glamorous and cosy looking film that has framed the story nicely – despite some of the dialogue coming across as a little stilted in places, you do end up feeling cosy and warm – and there are a few cheeky details thrown in there, including Sierra singing to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ (nice throwback to Lindsay Lohan’s character performing to that song in Mean Girls) that are nice touches that put a smile on your face.

There are some nice performances to be found as welll and it is a real pleasure to see Lindsay Lohan back on screen again. as Sierra, she does deliver on the comedy stakes as you would expect – showing off a diva stance to subtle effect as she barks orders to the staff at her father’s hotel, but with an equal hint of vulnerability and uncertainty about what she wants from life is a refreshing take on the typical ‘spoilt’ character persona. There is a sweet chemistry between her and Chord Overstreet’s Jake that feels natural and believable. As Jake, Overstreet’s character feels the most satisfying rounded performance as he struggles to deal with his business problems and concern that he is forgetting his wife due to his growing feelings for Sierra.

Yes there are moments that are cringeworthy (particularly the physical comedy aspects), but there is still something that is entertaining about this film which manages to make you feel warm and cosy. No it won’t be considered a Christmas classic but it is fun viewing if you are looking for a gentle and good natured Christmas film to watch.

By Emma Clarendon

Falling for Christmas is available to watch on Netflix now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


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