Emma Clarendon chatted to Emily about taking on the role of Anna in the West End production of Frozen the Musical.

Credit: Johan Persson

Hi Emily, how does it feel to be playing Anna? It’s honestly such a dream come true for me. I am lucky enough to have spent a year with the show already as an Anna cover so the fact I’ve been given the opportunity to play the role full time is the biggest gift. Anna has always been one of my favourite Disney characters so that’s definitely a bonus!

What do you love the most about being part of Frozen? One of the best parts of the job is being able to share the magic that we create and feel on stage with an audience. Looking out into the auditorium during the bows and seeing people of all ages (many in costume) soaking up all the magic is so rewarding. It really makes you feel like you are a part of something very special.

How do you see Anna as a character? Anna is inquisitive, brave and always tries to see the best in a person or situation. She never gives up and her outlook on life is such a positive one. I believe she is such a great role model for people and why she is such a loved Disney character. I definitely strive to be more like Anna in my everyday life.

Have you a favourite moment in the show? I have so many favourite moments in the show so this is a hard question for me! One of my favourite moments would be performing ‘Fixer Upper’. During this number I get the opportunity to interact with all of the ensemble and dance alongside them, which gives me the biggest buzz! My other favourite moment is
performing ‘Love is an open door’ with Oliver Ormson. Although it’s the sweatiest number it’s also the most fun!

For you what makes Frozen such a great musical? I think the themes of love & family are so universal, making the musical speak to people of all ages. The set, costume, special effects etc are so incredible but at the crux of that, there is an intimate honest story about the love between two sisters. It’s extremely moving and you really care about the characters journey as the story unfolds – making it a great musical.

If you were to convince someone to come along and see the show what would you say? What’s so exciting about ‘Frozen the Musical’ is that, as well as having the songs that are so loved from the film, there are also many new additions. With this, you really get to delve into the characters minds and get to know them on a much deeper level. And of course – the magic! I really believe Frozen has the ability to bring out everyone’s inner child and the sense of escapism and
transportation this story achieves is truly beautiful.

by Emma Clarendon

Frozen the Musical  continues to play at the  Theatre Royal Drury Lane . You can book tickets for the production here.