The production will have a limited run at the theatre before embarking on a UK tour.

Following on from its world premiere at the Park Theatre earlier this year, it has been confirmed that Harry Hill and Steve Brown’s musical will have a run at Leicester Square Theatre from the 15th April until the 21st May before embarking on a UK tour  from the 25th May to the 29th July.

The musical tells the story of how one man went from peace-loving, long-haired hippy and would-be pop star to warmongering multimillionaire in just a couple of decades. Throw in a stellar cast of larger-than-life characters – Cherie Blair, Princess Diana, John Prescott, Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Osama bin Laden, George W Bush, Saddam Hussein and Gordon Brown – it’s Yes, Minister meets The Rocky Horror Show and a musical like no other.

Harry Hill and Steve Brown said, “After the great response from audiences on its launch this summer, we’re thrilled that TONY! is going on the road in 2023. It’s a show for Tony Lovers and Haters everywhere – and everyone in between – don’t expect a history lesson – in our world Tony’s born singing and dancing, Saddam Hussein is played as Groucho Marx and Gordon Brown occasionally turns into the Incredible Hulk – let’s just say all the facts are there… but not necessarily as they occurred!  Tony hasn’t yet replied to our invite to see the show, but we do hope he’ll pop along to his old stomping ground of Sedgefield to give his verdict when we open there at the Parish Hall. Tony? If you’re reading this we’ve put a couple of tickets in your name on the door.”

TONY! is directed by Peter Rowe, with set and costume design by Libby Watson, lighting design by Mark Dymock and choreography by Francesca Jaynes.

The tour dates are as follows:

25 May – 3 June             Guildford Yvonne Arnaud                                                                                 


14 – 17 June                    Cardiff New Theatre                                                                           


21 – 24 June                    Richmond Theatre                                                                                 


27 June – 1 July              Brighton Theatre Royal                                                                        


3 – 8 July                          Bath Theatre Royal                                                                             


11 – 15 July                      Chester Storyhouse                                                                            


18 – 22 July                      Malvern Festival Theatre                                                                   


24 – 26 July                      Darlington Hippodrome                                                                     


27 – 29 July                      Sedgefield Parish Hall      

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