The theatre director’s book is set into what it takes to turn words on a page into a theatre production.

It has been announced that Bloomsbury Methuen will publish Notes From the Rehearsal Room by Nancy Meckler as part of its Theatre Makers series on the 9th February 2023.

Renowned theatre and film director Nancy Meckler delves into her hugely varied experiences in the rehearsal room and shares examples of tried-and-tested “tools” to bring a play to life. Meckler encourages you to interrogate, play, experiment and to use her methods as a starting point to begin creating your own unique directing toolkit and finding your own style.

Nancy Meckler is the former Artistic Director of Shared Experience and was the first woman to direct at the National Theatre, with Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? in 1981. In this new book, she takes reader behind the scenes and her recollections of collaborating with many of the great 20th century playwrights, including Edward Albee, Pam Gems, Harold Pinter, Dennis Potter and Sam Shepard. But the book will also delve deep into how hard it was for her to get into the world of directing and is intended to be a guide to young and upcoming directors as well as giving an insight into the rehearsal process.

From her early days working on the fringe with her alternative theatre company Freehold, to working at large institutions including the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, to the 22 years she was Artistic Director of Shared Experience Theatre, this book will give an insight into the many different worlds of theatre.

The book is available to pre-order via Amazon now.


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