Emma Clarendon selects some of the books she can’t wait to read this year….

Atalanta by Jennifer Saint: following on from her beautiful previous novels Ariadne and Elektra, Jennifer Saint brings to life the story of Atalanta and her adventures amidst the Argonauts. She has wonderful poetic quality to the way in which she re-tells these Greek myths so I’m very excited to read this one when it is published on the 13th April.

Oh Miriam! Stories from an Extraordinary Life by Miriam Margoyles: known for her straight talking and no holding back attitude, you are always guaranteed of a good story or two from Miriam Margoyles and in her latest book – expect plenty more about her life and her strongly held opinions. It is set to be published on the 14th September.

The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece by Tom Hanks: set to be released on the 9th May, this new novel from the Hollywood actor is set to offer an insight into what it is like to work on a major Hollywood film and the variety of characters you can meet along the way. Having been part of the industry for a long time now, there is no doubting that there will be plenty of attention to detail paid here!

Henry VIII: The Heart and the Crown by Alison Weir: following on from her engaging novel exploring the world of Henry VIII’s mother Elizabeth, this new novel will see the historian and author turning her attention to the infamous king. For me it will be interesting to see which way she portrays this unpredictable king and his perspective on his own life. Given her detailed knowledge of this particular era through her research for other Tudor novels that she has written, it seems there is still plenty left to be said about this king. It will be published on the 11th May.

My Years with the Queen by Lady Pamela Hicks: as first cousin to Duke of Edinburgh and second cousin to the Queen, there is no denying that Lady Pamela Hicks was able to develop a close relationship having been beside Her Majesty’s side through some of the most important moments in her life. This book is set to be a deeply personal and intimate account of her friendship with the Queen and this particular point in Lady Pamela Hicks’s life.

Did I Ever Tell You This? by Sam Neill: the Hollywood actor has had a fascinating and diverse career and it will be fascinating to find out more about how he ended up becoming an actor and the people he has worked with along the way. As one of those actors who is a very reassuring presence when you see him on screen, this is set to be a really warm and engaging read when it is published on the 23rd March.

Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati: continuing with my love of Greek mythology, this new novel from Constanza Casati recounts the story of the infamous queen, reinterpreting and reimagining the horrific events that lead her to her own terrible actions. Set to be published on the 2nd March, this is set to be a strong and compelling read.

The Square of Sevens by Laura Shepherd-Robinson: following on from her gripping novel Daughters of the Night, the author is back with a brand new story which follows a fortune telling lady who embarks on a quest to find out the truth about her late mother. Given Laura Shepherd-Robinson’s strong ability to capture the era and characters so vividly in each of her novels, I can’t wait to immerse myself in this new world and the characters that she has created. It will be released on the 22nd June.

The Ghost Theatre by Mat Osman: this is the debut novel from the Suede bassist and from what I have read, it is set to feature many of the elements I love in a book: an Elizabethan setting, mystery and references to theatre! (Published on the 11th May)

The Murder Game by Tom Hindle: set to be published on the 2nd February, this book has grabbed my attention due to the fact that the synopsis makes references to a 1920’s murder mystery themed party gets uncomfortably real for all those involved over the course of the evening. It sounds like an engaging premise for a thrilling read that I can’t wait to get lost in.


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