The show, directed by James Barnes, will head to the VAULT Festival from the 31st January until the 5th February having previously been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presented by Khaos, it has been confirmed that The Ballerina will play at part of this year’s 2023 VAULT Festival from the 31st January until the 5th February.

January 2019. Set in a country far, far, not so far away, British diplomat Colin Clutterbuck is brutally arrested by the National Intelligence Agency.
Thrown into a cell and accused of conspiring to overthrow the government, Colin fights back with wit and great British banter. Faced with infamous master interrogator Pacifique Muamba, the young diplomat is about to be painfully re-educated and taken to the brink of madness. Can she prove her innocence? Is she innocent?

Based on a true story, The Ballerina was previously acclaimed when it was performed at the Theaterlab New York City in early 2019 and was written by Anne Sophie-Marie. This production is directed by James Barnes and is set to star: Edward Nkom (Years and Years, BBC; Doctors, BBC) as Pacifique, Adi Alfa (The Sypce of Life, Precision Aerial Film Works; Cranston and The Lynching by Jackie Walker) and Dominique Little (Sold By Mama, The Camden Fringe Festival/The Hope Theatre) as Colin.

Talking about the show, James Barnes said: ” Experimenting with Artaud’s theatre of cruelty, we explore themes of violence that are unapologetic, inviting the audience to question theirdeeper beliefs in the society we inhabit. We’re living in a time where despite having access to a world of information, we’re still very unaware of the reality of global politics. And this ignorance in the form of a vote, contributes to the very cycles of violence (seen and unseen) that we wish to stop. Through the character of Pacifique, you’re introduced to the walking amalgamation of Paul Kagame, Andre Leon Talley and Karl Lagerfeld. A sophisticated, cultured tactician that aims to win where all others have failed. The Ballerina celebrates the individuality of blackness… redefining Africanism imagery for a new generation.”

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