Blue’s sixth studio album reveals a group who are able to move with the times musically in an effortless way.

Yes it would be fair to say that I’m slightly late to the party when it has come to listening to Blue’s latest album – but I have to say that I’m pleased that I have finally managed to get around to it. Heart & Soul is certainly an album that shows what the group is best at doing: combining great harmonies while ensuring there is plenty of texture and variety musically.

A well structured album, Heart & Soul is a tightly written and consistent album that still explores themes of love and heartbreak that certainly provides plenty for fans to enjoy. Whether it is the catchy and danceable track ‘Ultraviolet’ or the uplifting ‘This Could Be Love’, this is an album that reveals that Blue has no trouble adapting to the way in which the music industry and type of music being created, while still retaining a sense of what makes their music so popular with fans.

What is always so consistently clear on this album is once again the vocals are all divided equally – getting rid of the idea that there can only be one lead singer per group which has never felt particularly fair. While on occasion, such as ‘Man Do’ some of the lyrics seem to get a little bit lost in the way in which the song has been constructed musically and can make it feel a little lacking in emotion, there is still plenty of depth to be found. Songs such as ‘Let’s Get Sad’ and ‘Magnetic’ both have poignancy and sadness to them that makes them stand out ballads on the album.

Elsewhere, I loved the cool smoothness of ‘Haven’t Found You Yet’ which is a lovely album opener that highlights the great harmonies of each member and is a completely enjoyable song to listen to, as is ‘Heart & Soul’. Each song never outstays its welcome and it feels as though each song knows how to make a point without going over the top, making the album feel understated but sincere.

This feels like a refreshing album to listen to and while it perhaps doesn’t bring something new to entice new fans, for current fans it is a welcome and pleasing addition to the collection.

By Emma Clarendon

Heart & Soul is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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