The actor chatted to us about returning to Witness For the Prosecution at the London County Hall.

(c)Sam Barker

Hi Harry, how does it feel to be back in Witness for the Prosecution? Amazing. I feel like a common thing for actors is looking back on a job and wondering how it would have been to have played it slightly differently or realising something in the script you never saw before. Now I have the chance to do that. Playing Leonard Vole when four years older myself adds a completely different weight and dynamic. It’s really exciting.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, what is the play about? A young man is on trial for the murder of Emily Jane French. The play focuses around the trial.

What can you tell me about your character Leonard? A charming man. Naive, but also intelligent in his own right. He is a typical London boy, with wit and confidence, but also a soft centre.

What do you enjoy the most about being part of this production? The immersive experience of the show is not only great for the audience, but also great for us. The jury seats are occupied by audience members, which gives it a sense of realism for us actors on stage. The setting of an old court chamber allows the feeling for it to be seen as a film, rather than as a piece of theatre. I have always felt that the space we perform in makes this the best show in town!

Why should people pop along and see Witness for the Prosecution? As I pointed out earlier, to be sat in the old chamber hall at County Hall is an incredible experience. This is a play which will keep you thinking, as you are tasked with working out who is guilty, it’s a real life Cluedo! I mean, I needn’t say anything more than, it’s Aggie Christie, what more convincing do you need!?

By Emma Clarendon

Witness for the Prosecution continues to play at the London County Hall. You can book your tickets here.


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