This special feature has returned from the 21st January until the 18th April.

Returning for a second year, more filmmaking trickery, magical pranks and wizarding mishaps will now be revealed in the return of Magical Mischief feature at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – the Making of Harry Potter.

Brand new for 2023, it has been confirmed that visitors will be able to take a look inside Harry’s bedroom at number 4 Privet Drive in which the famous wizard meets the loveable house elf Dobby in the second film. A variety of filmmaking techniques were used to bring beloved Dobby to life on-screen including the creation of models, used to give actors a reference point on-set, lovingly created by the Creature Effects Team, which visitors will be able to see during their visit. 

Meanwhile, demonstrations taking place throughout the tour include uncovering secrets behind the disappearing effect of the invisibility cloak and Harry’s flying acceptance letters. Visitors will even be able to get hands on to make their own origami howler, just like the one Mrs Weasley delivered to her son in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

Those visiting between now and April will also also learn how their favourite mischievous moments from the films were brought to the screen in this feature. Entering the Great Hall, fans will recognise the set dressed for a Weasley prank on the peaceful O.W.L.s exam, complete with the swinging pendulum under the watchful eye of Dolores Umbridge. From the fan-favourite scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the infamous pink two-piece costume of Dolores Umbridge will be centre stage and visitors should look above to see the playful Weasley twins’ costumes on their broomsticks suspended from the Great Hall ceiling. 

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter opened its doors on 31st March 2012. The unique  attraction offers visitors the ultimate chance to get up close to authentic sets, discover the magic behind spellbinding  special effects and explore the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Harry Potter film series. Visitors can explore the  original Great Hall, step into the Forbidden Forest, and discover Gringotts Wizarding Bank all before seeing miniature scale model of Hogwarts castle.

Tickets for the attraction can be bought here:


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