The show will run at The Vaults in Leake Street from the 14th to the 19th February.

As part of three shows at this year’s VAULT Festival, Part of the Main have confirmed casting for The Tinker , an eerie true crime drama based on a case from 1912 and the final show that the company will be presenting as part of the festival.

Written by newcomer Olivia Foan and directed by Olivia Munk, the production is set to star: Giles Abbott as The Tinker, Lauren O’Leary as Evelyn and Keon Martial-Phillip as Frank.

Waiting out the storm, Frank and Evelyn receive an unexpected knock on their door. The man on their porch isn’t what they expected, yet the Tinker has a way with words and a talent for fixing broken things. All he asks for in return is a night’s shelter.

But he has brought something with him in his cart. Something that will cause the couple’s past and future to collide over the space of a few short hours, all under the watchful eye of the snow.

Write, Olivia Foan, comments: “As a writer, I think I am always looking to interrogate the more animal aspects of human nature. And there’s something very animalistic about our reaction to strangers. Whether those strangers are entering our country, or simply knocking on our door. The Tinker is based on a true crime case from 1912 – one that explores the stories we tell ourselves about people we don’t know. As we enter an age where the yawning wealth gap grows wider than ever before, wider even than in 1912, it’s clear we still share some of the same cultural pressures around morality, meritocracy & motherhood. The play unravels the ripple effect of these beliefs, that extends beyond simply the change in our back pocket.”

The creative team behind the production includes: a dramaturg by Isabel Dixon, set and costume design by Nikki Charlesworth, set and costume assistant Jamie Ostmann, lighting design by Rachel Sampley, sound design by Murong Li and stage manager Stacey Nurse.

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