Interview With…Sharon Sexton

We chatted to Sharon about bringing Bat Out of Hell back to London.

The cast of Bat Out Hell (c)Chris Davis Studio

 Hi Sharon – how does it feel to be bringing Bat Out of Hell back to the West End? So thrilling, I always had a feeling we would be back in the West End with this show, it’s such a monster of a musical and so deserves to be back here. I also think it fills a really specific niche because there is nothing else like it in town at the moment – it’s such a rock n roll rollercoaster filled with fire, motorbikes, cameras and whopping voices!

What would you say keeps bringing people back to see the show? I think this show is such an evening of pure escapism – and there is something in it for everyone. The music is so powerful and it draws you in – its bringing Steinman and classic rock n roll to a whole new generation. So people keep returning, You have the adults who identify with Sloane and Falco, the roles that myself and Rob Fowler play – who are soul searching, trying to remember why they fell in love and struggling with the fact they are ageing, and then you have the younger audience members identifying with the younger roles in the show, who are on a crusade to rebel & fall in love!

For those who have yet to experience Bat Out of Hell – what can they expect? Epic voices, bombastic stage effects, amazing musicians, guitar, fire, rock n roll, tears, laughter and an overall electric performance. You will leave with a smile on your face!

How do you see your character Sloane? When I received the first draft script for Bat Out Of Hell in 2016 Sloane was described as “wife and mother” and I was determined to make her much more than that and try and give her as much depth as possible. The initial rehearsal process was amazingly challenging and rewarding and I was so proud of the fact that she had a soul and was a character that people cared about and over the years, no matter who has played her, that is still the feeling that people come away with from the show – you feel the audience rooting for Sloane. She is the one in the middle of the argument – caught between Falco and the lost and has completely lost her sense of identity. She’s trapped in a loveless marriage, she wants to support her daughter’s quest for freedom, but also wants to protect her – so throughout the show she has some tough choices to make and has to do a lot of soul searching and she gets to do it all through some incredible Steinman songs. I adore playing her.

What do you enjoy the most about being part of the show? I love the audience reaction. It never gets old. Watching the faces of the people in the audience trying to keep up with the pace of the opening number, watching the awe at the end of act one, the wide eyes during “Paradise” and the expressions that say “They aren’t actually going to do that are they ?”…. I love that this show constantly pushes the boundaries, and keeps evolving and seeing how much the audience can let go and enjoy the evening always makes me smile. Also, the fact that I get to share it all with my love Rob Fowler, beside me on stage and we get to catch each other’s eyes in these magic moments makes it all even more special.

By Emma Clarendon

To book tickets for the London run of Bat Out of Hell at the Peacock Theatre click here.

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