We chatted to the actor about starring in Kissed by A Flame at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington.

(c)Graham Fletcher Hill

Hi Andrew! Could you explain a little bit more about what Kissed by a Flame is about? It’s a window into a real love story. A story about loss and need. Forgiveness and fun. The
conversations we have with those we’ve lost and that chance and the dream to hold them one more time.

What was it that attracted you to being part of this production? The story, the pathos and truth. Cancer has been sadly a big part of my life. The day I read the play I’d visited a pal for the last time who worked in theatre so the stars aligned. A challenge of course but it’s a beautiful story and a play that deserves telling and to be seen. The reactions to the show have shown that.

How would you describe your character Teddy? He’s definitely someone I’d like to have met – both Steve (the writers partner) who he’s based on and Teddy the character, I hope people feel the same. I like his logic and openness.. We see him in past and present. Alive and Dead. So the juxtaposition makes him (and Jamie) quite fascinating.

How have you found the experience of bringing this story to life? A fast one ! But a special one. It’s rare to have such a personal autobiographical story to tell with the
writer so close by. But I think we have all truly believed in this journey from day one. It’s been deeply moving at times, very hard work but fun too. The Pleasance is a great venue. There’s no fun in easy!

How has it been working alongside James Callas Ball and Ian Leer? Lovely – a pleasure. Two real thinkers who really care about the work and have annoyingly great
dress sense!

By Emma Clarendon

Kissed by a Flame continue to play at the Pleasance Theatre until the 11th February.