REVIEW: Queens of Themiscyra by Hannah Lynn

This is a powerful re-telling of the Queens of the Amazons, that balances the fierceness and independence of the women with the love and respect they have for each other perfectly.

Bold, detailed and compelling to read from start to finish, Hannah Lynn’s novel tell the story Hippolyte and her sister Penthesilea are leaders of the Amazons whose skill on the battlefield makes them feared throughout Greece and whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of a ship on the shores of their kingdom of Themiscyra.

Poetically written, Hannah Lynn brings the world of Ancient Greece and war to life as the reader delves into this world so beautifully brought to life as it explores themes such as love, family and the complexity of human relationships as a whole. The rawness and fierceness of emotion that is on display makes this compelling to read – particularly the relationship between Penthesileas and Hippolyte which develops and changes after the arrival of Theseus – who Hippolyte falls in love with, leading to a complex relationship and the changing of several futures.

While the plot is complex in places, it is easy to read – although I do feel as though some of the battle scenes could have been shortened down slightly. It has plenty of pace and intensity to it and it really highlights how these Greek myths can still speak to us today with words of caution, no matter how the story is slightly reframed (which is part of the joy of Greek myths to see how they can have a number of different perspectives). But what is equally impressive about this book is the way in which it humanises the characters – we see each of their flaws and self-doubts as clearly as we do their passion,fierceness and independence.

This is a book that is filled with plenty of vivid detail, to make the reader feel as though they are riding alongside the Amazons into battle or feeling Hippolyte’s pain and anger when she is betrayed cruelly by Theseus – there is not one aspect of the book that has not been carefully thought out and makes it thrilling to read. Ultimately, you are left feeling that this is a celebration of women and the inner strength that they have under the most difficult of circumstances. Yes there is tragedy at the heart of this story that will leave you feeling heartbroken but also it is a story of courage and that makes it a joy to read.

Overall, it is an emotionally intense and powerful read that is sure to thrill and break readers hearts. It is definitely worth a read – no matter if you are a fan of Greek mythology or not.

By Emma Clarendon

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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