Interview With…Adam McKenzie Wylie

We chatted to the CEO of Histrionics about The Peter Rabbit Easter Adventure, now open at Covent Garden.

Hi Adam, what can families expect from The Peter Rabbit Easter Adventure?   It will, I hope, feel as if they have leapt into the pages of a Beatrix Potter story. It’s really the anthesis of screen time – it’s about close up live performance and multi-sensory stimulation – families will really feel part of the story.

How did the idea for the experience come about? We had such success with our Garden Adventure last summer at Blenheim Palace,  we wanted to do something truly magical at Easter in London.  But how to believably advance the narrative from Mr McGregor’s walled garden, filled with flowers and veg to a city?

Why did Covent Garden seem like the right place to hold the show? It’s the UK’s most famous old fruit and veg market and that gives us the reason for our characters to convene and collide.  McGregor is coming to market, Beatrix Easter shopping for her animal friends. And poor Jemima….well, I won’t spoil it.   We felt the historic connection and the beautiful Covent Garden backdrop made it the ultimate spot to leap back into old London.

How have you found the experience of putting The Peter Rabbit Easter Adventure together? Shaftsbury Capital who own Covent Garden have been very supportive. We are breaking entirely new ground with the format and we basically have the run of the place! It’s not without its logistical challenges, but the production and production management team have been superb and we’re very excited about the show.

By Emma Clarendon

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