The trilogy of short plays will be performed at the Royal Court Theatre’s Jerwood Theatre Downstairs space from the 6th June.

Photo by Helen Murray. Image edit by Paul Belford.

The Royal Court Theatre has confirmed it will present ‘all of it’ three short plays by Alistair McDowall (The Glow, X, Pomona), which will be co-directed by Royal Court Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone and Royal Court Associate Director Sam Pritchard.

Written for and performed by Oliver Award-nominated actor Kate O’Flynn, each of the pieces introduces three women whose ordinary lives mask extraordinary internal worlds and includes all of it, first seen at the Royal Court for a short run performed by Kate O’Flynn in 2020, and two brand new pieces Northleigh, 1940 and In Stereo.

The first piece, Northleigh, 1940, takes audiences to the street McDowall lived on in Manchester, and traces its history during the blitz through the eyes of the woman speaking. In Stereo features an eight-track monologue and explores the divided self. all of it is the story of a life told at speed, following its protagonist from birth to death in one – joyful, painful, complex – go.

Following its run at the Royal Court Theatre, the production will then be performed at the Festival D’Avignon to be part of Tiago Rodrigues’s inaugural season which was announced last night. The production runs at the Festival between 15th – 23rd July.

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