We chatted to Sue, the Co-Founder of Shakespeare in the Squares about returning for another Summer season with a production of Twelfth Night.

Hi Sue, how does it feel to have Shakespeare in the Squares return to London? The summer tour has begun to feel like a real annual fixture, with every year bringing fresh excitement in terms of new venues and a different choice of play. The planning begins in Spring and the tour starts in midsummer, so it heralds sunshine and holidays – a wonderful time of year.

What can we expect from the upcoming production of Twelfth Night? Director Sioned Jones has reimagined the play in the Roaring Twenties, taking inspiration from The
Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, and the jazz greats. There is high comedy and romantic confusion in mistaken identities, disguise and deception. As with every Shakespeare in the Squares production, you can expect fun, laughter, live music and joyful high jinks.

What do you enjoy about bringing Shakespeare to London’s garden squares? It is a privilege to bring our talented cast and crew into some of London’s loveliest garden venues,
and to watch as they captivate audiences of all ages, drawing them into the storytelling in an immersive way. The informality of the setting encourages a relaxed community feel as people picnic on the grass and children join in with the singing and dancing.

How does it feel to be celebrating the company’s sixth anniversary? After two missed years when we were unable to perform because of the effects of the pandemic, we were thrilled to return to such enthusiastic audiences in 2022, and to be entering our sixth production with an extra week of the tour, and in some wonderful new locations, feels very celebratory.

What would you like to see happen for Shakespeare in the Squares in the future? We would love to extend our reach into other areas of London – particularly in the East and South
– to bring our particular blend of magical al fresco performance and community engagement to an even wider audience.

By Emma Clarendon

Shakespeare in the Squares latest production Twelfth Night will be heading to London’s garden squares from the 7th June until the 7th July 2023.


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