This exhibition is available to visit until the 8th October 2023.

The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace is currently displaying an exhibition that explores what fashion can help uncover about life in the 18th century – an era which was filled with trade, travel and technology which helped influence fashion trends across all levels of society. 

Delving deep into the Georgian’s fashion history, Style & Society: Dressing the Georgians allows visitors to get up close to paintings, prints and drawings by artists including Gainsborough, Zoffany and Hogarth, as well as textiles, jewellery, and a range of accessories from snuff boxes to swords.

The aim of the exhibition is to reveal how the Georgians helped to bring in many of the trends that we recognise today. This includes the first stylists and influencers, the birth of a specialised fashion press and the development of shopping as a leisure activity.

Among the highlights on display is Princess Charlotte’s wedding dress, Thomas Gainsborough’s portraits of Johann Christian Fischer and Princess Charlotte and William Hogarth’s painting of David Garrick with his Wife Eva-Maria Veigel.

Alongside the exhibition itself, there are also a number of courses, events and talks for those interested in immersing themselves deeper into the exhibition’s themes.

For more information and to book tickets click here.


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