We take a look at what is being said about the artist’s latest exhibition.

Photograph: Guy Bell/Shutterstock

The Guardian: **** “Julien’s film installations can be ravishing, lyrical, languorous and sexy, and also at times horribly bleak. His work has come a long way. It has been consistently political, in the broadest sense, since the beginning.”

The Upcoming: *** “The work is beautiful and serious, concerned with high concepts, but it demands a significant investment of time to fully engage with its ideas. For the surreal space it creates, there could be more of the ambiguity and mystery that characterises dreams.”

Time Out: **** “This is not an exhibition to whizz round quickly. It’s largely screening spaces radiating from a central lobby which displays photographs. Most films hit a minimum of 20 minutes. But if you commit to sitting with Julien’s blend of the cinematic, political and mythical in these spaces, you will experience if not exactly the ‘rupture and sublimity’ he aims for, then something close to it.”

Evening Standard: **** “this sensual, beautiful work is his most marvellous entanglement so far.”

iNews: ***** “How Tate is going to negotiate moving visitors through this I have no idea. Pick a quiet time early in the week if you can, and make a day of it. Get caught up in Julien’s world-making, and float along. It would be a crime to rush.”

Culture Whisper: *** “Isaac Julien’s films can be beautiful, poetic and powerful, and they can also be frustrating and hard to follow. There are important ideas and concepts in this exhibition, though you may have to filter through the works to find them.”

The Telegraph: ** “The artist’s new show at Tate Britain is full of images that could be more potent if they weren’t so relentlessly genteel and glossy.”

The Independent: **** “This Tate Britain retrospective of filmmaker Isaac Julien is an exciting event, even if it relegates some of his important early works.”

The exhibition is on display until the 20th August 2023. To find out more visit: https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/isaac-julien


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