Interview With…Harry Chandler

Emma Clarendon chatted to Harry about making his West End debut in Les Misérables.

Hi Harry, congratulations on making your West End debut! How did it go for you? I think it went as well as it possibly could all things considered. I’m such a perfectionist so that’s hard for me to say but I didn’t forget any lines or fall into the pit, so I think that’s a successful debut on the West End!

How does it feel to be part of such an iconic show? It doesn’t feel real. This has been such a dream for me since listening to the original cast recording in the car with my Dad years ago. I feel very lucky to be here.

What has it been like to step into the role of Enjolras? It’s been amazing to actually say the part is mine for a period in time. I covered the part on the UK tour that finished in January this year, so to then go and play the actual part on the West End a few months later I think is mind blowing. He’s a fantastic character to bring to life, strong, passionate, but also empathetic and caring. There’s a lot there for me to explore and tap into each night.

Having been part of the UK & Ireland tour, Les Misérables is clearly important to you – what would you say for yourself makes then musical so special? Les Misérables was the first musical I had ever heard from start to finish. Although I didn’t see the show until later on in my life, I was also in it with my amateur dramatic society back home, as Enjolras funnily enough. I think it also helped spark my interest in singing and in musicals. I didn’t sing until I was about 15 and a big factor of convincing me I could was doing Les Mis through Am Dram.

Have you a favourite moment in the show that you get to experience as Enjolras? I think my favourite Enjolras moment in the show has to be in the ABC Café. I love being amongst the rest of the students, there’s a lot of give and take between us all which is different every night. It allows me to adapt and change with each person or each line and play with each relationship Enjolras has with all of them. Also, it’s a great sing and a real insight into who he is and what his intentions are.

By Emma Clarendon

Les Misérables continues to play at the Sondheim Theatre. To book tickets click here.

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