REVIEW: Higher Than Heaven by Ellie Goulding

There is something freeing about listening to the singer’s fifth studio album which consistently feels uplifting.

There is certainly something different about the songs that Ellie Goulding has included on her latest album that feels less about being personal to her and more broadranging in terms of the style and way in which her music is seen – making for an intriguing listen.

This is not to say that each song and the way in which they have been produced doesn’t highlight her beautiful haunting vocals – but there seems to be something a little more freeing in terms of the lyrics and melody that seems very uplifting to listen to. This can be particularly said of tracks such as ‘Midnight Dreams’ and ‘Like A Saviour’ that have a cool and sophisticated sound – but in a subtle way that doesn’t overwhelm Goulding’s crystal clear vocals that are so instantly recognisable.

It does have to be said that it is a real joy that she has found a different aspect to her songwriting skills that allows her to explore what she is looking to do musically on an even deeper level. Listening to to songs such as ‘Cure for Love’ and ‘Waiting for it’ this becomes particularly clear.

Equally as good is the way in which a disco vibe really comes through on songs such as ‘By the End of the Night’ and ‘ Cure for Love’ that are really catchy and memorable. But in contrast , I did feel ‘Love Goes On’ comes across as as song that is lacking in punch in comparison with the other songs on the album – most notably ‘Let it Die’ or ‘Waiting for it’ for example.

If we were to look at this album from a purely superficial point of view – is it likely to generate many number ones? Perhaps not – but actually what this album does prove is that there are some things that are more important, such as the quality of music being created for albums that isn’t forced and feels a little bit more fluid and easy to be appreciated on their own terms. This is something that Ellie Goulding has always been able to do and once again she proves just how vibrant her music is and easy to enjoy.

Overall Higher Than Heaven is a strong offering with a range of tones and styles that reveal an artist who is comfortable in exploring all aspects of her personality. Let’s see what she has to offer next!

By Emma Clarendon

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Higher Than Heaven is available to buy and download now.

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