NEWS: The Turbine Theatre Announces Two New Musicals For the Summer

The theatre based at Battersea has confirmed details of two new musicals heading to the stage this summer.

The first new musical to be presented at the Turbine Theatre this summer will be Halls written by Jennifer Harrison and George Stroud. Directed by Andy Fickman (Heathers), the musical was previously performed at MTFest 2022 in workshop form and this summer will see the production in the next stage of its development. Playing at the theatre from the 7th July, it centres round eight first-year, university students, from different backgrounds and upbringings, who are brought together when they’re all allocated the same flat in Halls of Residence, Flat 15B.

This development production will give audiences an idea of what the show will be in a more realised scenario as opposed to it feeling ‘finished’. All the production elements including sound, lighting, set and costume will be present but the creative team will continue to develop the show as it is being performed.

Meanwhile, from the 17th August the theatre will present Faking Bad – The Unauthorised Parody Methsical, based on the hit television series. Written by Rob Gathercole and directed by Andrew Beckett, this musical will feature actor-musicians who, against the backdrop of an old industrial tunnel, condense the epic story of a lost chemistry teacher into a one act musical comedy.  This 90 minute show will contain a range of musical styles to speed through 62 hours of television.

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