REVIEW: So Close by Sylvia Day

The first book in the new series by the author is filled with tantalising secrets and interesting family dynamics – but can get a little bit lost in detail.

Having read and loved Day’s Crossfire series, her latest one is darker and more intense in terms of the plot, which has plenty of twists and turns that by turns keeps the reader intrigued but also feeling slightly frustrated.

The story told through the perspective of three women: Lily, who is married to Kane Black but was presumed dead until her unexpected return throws the whole family’s lives into chaos, Aliyah is Kane’s mother and protective over the family’ business interests and her sons private lives and Amy Kane’s sister in law who is frustrated by the way in which her life is constantly controlled. What emerges is a battle for control amongst the family as well as the attempt to uncover Lily’s secrets – that is if she is who she says she is. The final perspective is that of Witte, Kane’s employee and outsider looking in and cares deeply for his employer.

By dividing the story into different perspectives in this way, while it allows for a detailed examination of each character’s thought processes and gives deep understanding of their personality. However, you are left feeling that they are all so biased – can we really trust their opinions? On the other side of this, it does also mean that the tension between all the characters is built up nicely, highlighting the difficult family dynamics that lie at the centre of this story.

As you would expect from a Sylvia Day book, there is plenty of glamour, power and money on display through the detailed descriptions that vividly bring this world to life beautifully – as well as a sexy aspect. However sometimes, the time spent on descriptions such as scenery are so detailed it can be a distraction from the story which already keeps you guessing until the very end.

While nothing is tied up neatly by the end, with further questions about Lily’s life yet to be answered (the second book of the series is due out later this year) it does feel overly convoluted but hopefully this will be resolved. It should also be noted, the whole vibe of the book as thriller intensity about it that keeps the reader guessing – you are never completely sure who to trust. Once again, Sylvia Day has created wonderfully detailed and complex characters that you can’t wait to find out more about.

An intriguing read, but certainly could have been a little bit less complex to give the story and characters a little more room to breathe. A very different and unexpected read from Sylvia Day.

By Emma Clarendon

So Close is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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