We chatted to Robin about starring in the current UK tour of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Augustus Gloop.

Hi Robin, how does it feel to be part of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? Hello! It feels so exciting to be a part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, particularly while seeing most of the UK at the same time. It’s a story we all know and it’s a real pleasure to perform our version of it, to see people light up at songs they recognise, and thrill at our new additions and story tweaks. It’s also wonderful to be just one piece of such a huge company. An army of theatre-makers travelling from one city to the next, always having each other for company is such a unique and special experience.

What have you enjoyed the most about being part of this production? Probably the people. Both in the show and in the audiences. It’s been such a treat to meet audience members who love the show, have seen it in every production and really care about what we’re making of it, or people taking their kids to their first theatre show. It’s such a pleasure to hear those kinds of stories. I’ve also made some brilliant friendships in the show amongst cast, crew, and orchestra, and now that we’re so far in I can’t believe they’re people I might not know otherwise.

What makes this musical special? It just has such a heart to it. You can’t help but root for Charlie Bucket and their family, especially with our wonderful child actors filling the role. We’ve also taken songs that have been performed in different productions of the musical before and given them new meanings that add a real uniqueness to our production.

What was your first experience of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? My parents read it to me when I was very young as a bedtime story. They read a lot of Roald Dahl books to me, and I remember collecting them from cereal boxes, back when you could get a book with a cereal box. Then when I got “too old” to be read to, I was still desperate to hear them, so they bought me a CD pack of 10 Roald Dahl audiobooks, and I listened to them as I fell asleep for actual years. I think I still have them somewhere!

Have you a favourite aspect of the show? My favourite aspect of the show for myself is probably everything I get to do with food. I get to eat a lot of fake sausages, eat a real, sweet rice paper leaf, smear chocolate all over my face and eat it if I’m feeling peckish, and fake nibble on anything I see really to entertain myself and know that it’s in character. It’s very silly and it’s very fun.

Why would you encourage people to come and see the show? It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s magical, and it has such a beautiful heart. We’ve been on a remarkable journey creating this production and are so eager to share it. It’s truly perfect for all ages and if you fall in love with Charlie Bucket like we have then you’ll leave cheering for Charlie’s success.

By Emma Clarendon

To find out more about the UK & Ireland tour visit: https://charlieandthechocolatefactory.co.uk/


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