As Mrs. Doubtfire makes her West End debut, we take a look at what critics have had to say about it so far….

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London **** “Gabriel Vick is simply astonishing in the title role, coming close to Robin Williams’s sheer genius as an impressionist, while also singing, dancing, managing numerous quick-changes, and putting in a strong dramatic performance.”

The Guardian: ** “The show may delight a younger generation encountering the story for the first time but it ultimately serves as a cautionary tale against taking a well-loved film and giving it a bland treatment on stage.”

The Telegraph: **** “Whether or not the West End needs yet another screen-to-stage adaptation, this take on the Robin Williams favourite is a complete joy.”

Time Out: **** “Ultimately, this show reaches a conclusion that’s both warm and unsaccharine: family is what you make it. How refreshing, in a world where the ’90s cultural interest in divorce and alternative families has given way to a backward-looking cultural fixation with stories about happy mummies and daddies. ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ feels like it melds the best of past and present, offering a dose of nostalgia that’s more complicated than Mary Poppins’s spoonful of sugar – but just as sweet.”

Evening Standard: *** “Aimed squarely at young audiences, there are laughs, some great performances, a couple of big notes and a zippy plot, all aided by the technical slickness of Zaks’s direction. Just don’t look too deeply under those layers of latex, because you might not like what you find.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “It’s loud, it’s bright, it looks expensive, it has big energy, belly laughs, tunes and tears, plus characters to root for, adorable kids, a truly unforgettable central performance, and a really beautiful message about the importance of finding your family, whether or not it’s a conventional one.”

The Stage: ** “Musical adaptation of the Robin Williams-starring 1993 film suffers from a forgettable score and wince-inducing gags.”

Culture Whisper: *** “it’s a frothy, funny family show that’s undoubtedly entertaining, and carries a worthy underlying message championing all varieties of family.”

Theatre South East: **** “Gabriel Vick steps into Mrs. Doubtfire’s shoes in this production. He’s vivacious on stage, and his impressions are hilarious. As the playful man-child with whom we all empathise Vick sensibly decides not to impersonate Robin Williams as Daniel. Yes, his Mrs. D is similar as it should be however Vick has enough charm, ability and personality to make the role his own. A superb performance.”

Theatre Weekly: “Those who are fans of the film will love this stage adaptation.  It’s incredibly funny, toe-tappingly good and full of heart.  It’s almost worth catching just for the superb quick changes that see Vick transform into Euphegenia, sometimes quite literally, in front of our eyes. Mrs. Doubtfire The Musical is the fun night out you never knew you needed.”

iNews: **** “Vick, a British actor who has served his time in musicals, is nothing less than phenomenal in a role that is a dizzying feat of endurance, necessitating myriad quick changes and all-out energy from start to finish – as well as the possession of a lovely singing voice and an easy facility for impersonations.”

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