We take a look at what is being said about the new musical, featuring the hits of Britney Spears, which has now officially opened on Broadway.

Time Out: *** “Once Upon a One More Time is a well-assembled and entertaining diversion.”

The New York Times: “But this big, splashy show, which is quite entertaining at times, is hampered by a shambolic jumble of sisterhood 101 messaging and defanged fantasy revisionism.”

Variety: “Still, the message and the music of “Once Upon a One More Time” mostly avoid heavy-handedness, telling this updated fairy tale with equity, energy and originality.”

Entertain Weekly: “Being able to perform the demanding routines alone and sing Spears’ iconic songs is a hefty challenge, but it’s one that Once Upon a One More Time‘s talented cast more than rises to meet. Guarini is phenomenal as the delightfully smarmy Charming, a role which highlights both his comedic chops and dominating stage presence as he powers through sensational renditions of “Circus” and “Oops! … I Did it Again,” the latter of which incorporates Spears’ original choreography.”

Deadline: “Smart, funny, splendid to look at and all with a beat you can dance to, this tribute to the Brothers Grimm, the sisters of the Second Wave and, not least, the indomitable Ms. Spears, is a delight.”

NY Post: “The excellent Jennifer Simard plays the Stepmother and, just like Carolee Carmello as the Stepmother in “Bad Cinderella,” is the best part of a middling show. Whenever Simard is on stage the audience is relieved, like they’ve just found a cold bottle of Poland Spring in the Sahara.”

The Wrap: “the direction and less effective choreography is by Keone and Mari Madrid, who are making their Broadway debut. The husband-and-wife team are better known for their work in TV, music videos and Cirque du Soleil — and it shows.”

WhatsOnStage: “Once Upon a One More Time may not have taught me anything new about Western mythology, feminism, or Britney Spears, but it did leave me with one surprise: a newfound respect for the art of the jukebox musical.”

The Telegraph: *** “Now on Broadway, this new creation from the & Juliet stable hinges on songs that are great for dancing to but less suited to storytelling.”

Slant Magazine: “It helps that most of the principal actors are also superb dancers. Guarini stands out especially, both in his electric movement and in his good-natured smarm. Heelan, channeling the chirpy-voiced Cinderella of the Disney original, finds her voice literally and figuratively as the princess toughens up into a pop belter.”

To find out more about the musical visit: https://onemoretimemusical.com/


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