We take a look at what is being said about the latest exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The Guardian: *** “In all of the poetry, magic and technical mastery on show here, there is still a major element lacking, for an office that claims to be putting everything on the table – namely, the political, financial and ethical realities that architecture is embroiled with.”

The Observer: *** “The downside of the show’s indirect approach is that it may be mysterious to people who don’t already know something of the work, but it’s an admirable attempt to show what architecture is really about. It’s also a document of a remarkable practice.”

Evening Standard: **** “The display demonstrates that better architecture is possible in better worlds but not how we get there. In the absence of decent politics and ethics, even spatial purity can be illusory.”

The Telegraph: ** “Cluttered with dull architectural models, this Royal Academy show fails to capture the emotional impact of the starchitects’ buildings.”

Ribaj.com: ” Just a little sprinkling of more regular retrospective content might have greatly enhanced understanding of HdM’s work. But this unconventional presentation is clearly not aiming to be that kind of comprehensive show, for better and for worse.”

The Upcoming: ** “This unusual show is not so much a retrospective as an advertisement for the renowned architecture practice. It is definitely one for the specialists and assumes that attendees will have a lot of pre-existing knowledge of the practice and its projects.”

To find out more visit: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/herzog-and-de-meuron


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